Touch Point System

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Touch Point System.

Being in retail can be challenging and keeping it all going to do all that needs to be done to maintain your business space is simply something that you don’t consider as much on a day to day basis.
With over 30 years in the facilities maintenance business calling on 1000s of retail locations, running and operating multiple lines of business in the retail there are 3 critical touch points for every retailer to zero in on. Perception of a retailer is everything, if the retailer is not paying attention to these areas they are losing share of mind of the customer.
3 Key touch points are:
1.) The Entrance: The entrance is not only your first opportunity to reflect your business onto the prospective client, but it will also be your last opportunity to impress upon them to return to your business. Keeping it clean, fresh and well lit will leave the right impression every time.
2.) The Restroom: this one should be a no brainer but there is not a more intimate point in your retail location than the restroom. cleanliness, making sure everything is maintained properly stocked with the basics, freshly painted and well lit make your prospective client feel safe and secure and show you care.
3.) The Checkout: oftentimes a customer will need to wait in line on average 3 minutes or more depending on the business. during this time the prospective client is evaluating the business, cleanliness, the image and the effect. during this time they are determining if this is a business in which they would return, don’t miss out on this critical touch point to make sure that within view you make sure it is fresh, clean and well lit.
The common denominator in these touch points is time. When the customer has time to let their eyes wonder their brain is capturing the images of your business and it will stick with them. First impressions are important, but beyond are critical to customer retention when it comes to your premises.
Ask us how we can help you keep it clean, keep it fresh and well Lit.