Handyman Electrician & Electrical Work

We provide electrical troubleshooting, problem solving, upgrades, installations, and repairs of all types. From floor to ceiling we’ve got your electrical needs covered. Our electrical service technicians are the best in the business; we can handle a wide variety of electrical needs.

Services Include:

  • Switch and outlet troubleshooting, replacement, upgrades, and new location installations
  • Re-wiring, upgrades and added power
  • New lighting installations, led retrofits, point of use, showcase, display, and display lighting of all types
  • Emergency lighting, and exit sign repairs and replacement
  • Breakers, disconnects, and switchgear
  • Time clocks, lighting contactors
  • Low voltage, door bells, rear door buzzer, and door strikes
  • Transformers
  • Thermostats
  • Electric panel testing, load balancing, ground testing, heat and hazard inspection, overload protections and capacity
  • inspection, overload protections, and capacity
  • Code compliant repairs
  • Fixture replacement
  • Surge protection and panel protection

Maintenance Made Easy (M2Easy Inc.),. Was incorporated in 2006 as an Illinois Corporation. M2easy Is fully insured with General liability, Workman’s Comp, Auto and Bonded for your peace of mind and protection. We strive to provide the expertise you need and the quality you deserve. Our professional technicians are the best in the business. We bring our repair and restoration solution to your door, tailored to your diverse needs and schedule at an affordable rate. We listen intently, act responsibly and perform professionally, to provide you a customized solution to meet your professional handyman services requirement and make your next Call an Easy One.

To maintain our goals, we bring decades of experience, including customized building maintenance and commercial repairs to work for you every time you call upon our services. You will be greeted by an experienced service professional who is a highly proficient tradesman; our promise is to make your next repair experience a positive one.

Handyman For Electrical Work

m2easy Handyman Electrician & Electrical Works offers a wide range of services to meet all your electrical needs. Our skilled technicians are trained and experienced in handling various tasks, ensuring that your switch and outlet troubleshooting, replacement, upgrades, and new location installations run smoothly. If you want to re-wire your home or office space for better functionality or added power capacity, m2easy Handyman Electrician & Electrical Works has got you covered. We also assist with any new lighting installations you may require, be it LED retrofits or point-of-use lights for showcases and displays. Additionally, we specialize in emergency lighting repairs and exit sign replacements to ensure the safety of your premises at all times.

When it comes to breakers, disconnects, and switchgear installation or repairs – m2easy Handyman Electrician & Electrical Works is there to get the job done efficiently. We can handle time clocks and lighting contactors effortlessly while taking care of low voltage systems like doorbells, rear door buzzers, and door strikes as part of the comprehensive service offerings.


For more complex requirements such as transformers installation or maintenance work involving thermostats or electric panels testing along with load balancing analysis – m2easy Handyman Electrician & Electrical Works knows how important it is to ensure code compliance at every step.
Our team is well-equipped to accurately accomplish fixture replacements while providing surge protection mechanisms for residential properties and panel protection for commercial establishments.