Carpentry Contractors

We repair, build, and fabricate using the highest level of skilled trade craft: cutting, shaping and installation for all of your carpentry needs.

Some of the services we perform:

  • Repair broken drawers
  • Replace drawer glides
  • Repair or replace cabinet door hinges handles
  • Repair, replace, or add missing or damaged trim
  • Repair, replace, re-secure unstable, or add shelving of all types
  • Fixture repairs, assembly, disposal, and relocation
  • Installation of mirrors, clothing hooks, lockers, signage, and advertisement

When it comes to your carpentry needs, we offer a variety of services. We have been doing it since 2006 for some of the largest retailers in the business.

Each problem requires a unique solution. The work requires the expertise of skilled artisans who can construct, erect, and renovate structures made of wood and other materials. Using professional talent and tools, we provide a comprehensive repair.

We can interpret blueprints, floor plans, and drawings to assist in the design and layout or installation of fixtures. Using these guidelines, we will make the necessary preparations for openings, doors, windows, ceilings, drywall, and other fixtures as required. Our work meets all local building codes, health and safety regulations. We provide exceptional customer communication and customer service.

Maintenance Made Easy (M2Easy Inc.),. Was incorporated in 2006 as an Illinois Corporation. M2easy Is fully insured with General liability, Workman’s Comp, Auto and Bonded for your peace of mind and protection. We strive to provide the expertise you need and the quality you deserve. Our professional technicians are the best in the business. We bring our repair and restoration solution to your door, tailored to your diverse needs and schedule at an affordable rate. We listen intently, act responsibly and perform professionally, to provide you a customized solution to meet your professional handyman services requirement and make your next Call an Easy One.

To maintain our goals, we bring decades of experience, including customized building maintenance and commercial repairs to work for you every time you call upon our services. You will be greeted by an experienced service professional who is a highly proficient tradesman; our promise is to make your next repair experience a positive one.

Handyman Carpentry Services

Carpentry Contractors are skilled professionals who possess a remarkable array of talents and services. One such service is the ability to repair broken drawers, ensuring that even the most dilapidated piece of furniture can be restored to its former glory.

Our contractors also excel in the art of replacing drawer glides, effortlessly transforming worn-out mechanisms into smoothly functioning components. Cabinet door hinges and handles often bear the brunt of daily wear and tear; however, Carpentry Contractors have the expertise to mend or replace these vital elements easily.

General Carpentry Contractors

Furthermore, they are proficient in repairing, replacing, or adding missing or damaged trim, effectively breathing new life into any space while preserving its original charm. The versatility exhibited by Carpentry Contractors extends beyond repairs alone – they skillfully resecure unstable shelving units and thoughtfully add shelving tailored to individual needs. In addition to these impressive abilities, Carpentry Contractors offer fixture repairs and assembly, disposal, and relocation services – enabling seamless transitions for businesses seeking an aesthetic revamp or structural change.

From installing mirrors that reflect elegance and style to clothing hooks that harmonize functionality with design aesthetic; from lockers that provide convenient storage solutions for different spaces to signage expertly crafted for effective communication purposes – Carpentry Contractors master all installation projects flawlessly. Their creative prowess additionally covers advertisements wherein they seamlessly incorporate visuals onto various surfaces like walls or foyers – captivating audiences whilst bolstering brand identities efficiently through engaging designs curated specifically for each unique business endeavor.