Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Checks

Fire safety inspections are an important part of creating a safe workplace. Annual inspections by the fire department and/or city inspectors are performed to assess and mitigate potential fire and life safety hazards in buildings. Most fire departments provide you with a written report of any corrections that are necessary including a date in which you must comply to maintain your certification of occupancy and avoid penalty or closure of the space.

Being prepared for the unexpected and making sure you are staying compliant for these inspections will establish a positive working relationship with the fire inspector. Surprise visits do occur and being proactive is critical.

Let us perform 10 point inspection for things such as:

  • Emergency and exit lighting are up to date and tagged properly
  • Egress is clear, accessible and well lit
  • Storage and housekeeping are in check
  • Electrical wiring and power cords
  • Smoke and carbon detectors
  • Sprinklers are clear, clean and tested
  • Exit signs and emergency lights are tested and tagged
  • Back flow has been tested and tagged
  • Door and door closures are operational
  • Water heater and HVAC are inspected

Our 10-point inspection helps you follow all city and state guidelines and NFPA standards. The frequent and regularly scheduled inspections may increase insurance coverage and eligibility, helping to keep equipment ready, and promote safety. Fire safety should not be left to chance. Stay proactive, stay safe, and stay code compliant.

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Fire Safety Inspections

At m2easy Fire Safety Inspections, we take pride in providing comprehensive and reliable fire safety services. When it comes to emergency and exit lighting inspection and checks, we leave no stone unturned. Let us perform a meticulous 10 point inspection to ensure your emergency and exit lighting are up to date and appropriately tagged for easy identification during emergencies. Our knowledgeable technicians will carefully assess your premises’ egress routes, ensuring they are clear, accessible, and well-lit for swift evacuation if needed. We’ll also thoroughly inspect storage areas and overall housekeeping practices to minimize potential fire hazards. Electrical wiring and power cords will be inspected precisely, ensuring optimal safety throughout your property.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors play a vital role in the early detection of fires or harmful gases; hence, our team pays close attention to their functioning during our inspections. In addition, we thoroughly examine sprinkler systems to ensure they are clear from any obstruction or debris while being clean and effectively tested for maximum effectiveness in an emergency.

We understand the importance of visible exit signs and emergency lights when navigating through unfamiliar surroundings under stressful conditions. To guarantee their reliability, our skilled professionals meticulously test them regularly while diligently tagging them accordingly for proper documentation.

Our expertise extends beyond these crucial aspects as we conduct backflow testing on applicable water supply lines and carefully examine door closures – ensuring that these mechanisms function optimally without hindrance or malfunction.