Lighting Retrofits

With the Energy Policy Act of 2005, rebates, and dramatic improvements in lighting technology, there has never been a better time to upgrade your facilities and reap the benefits of a lighting retrofit project. Whether you have a single location or several hundred locations, m2easy Inc. has the tools and the talent to execute any lighting retrofit project. We can manage your project from start to finish, including:

  • Complete lighting audit of your location to produce detailed findings
  • Lighting retrofit solutions and energy savings
  • Coordination of labor, materials, equipment, and field support
  • Targeted budgets and timelines
  • Recycling all lamps and ballasts in accordance with EPA Regulations


What is a lighting retrofit project?
A lighting retrofit project revamps existing lighting technology with more energy efficient systems within the same electrical footprint.
A common lighting retrofit project begins with coordination with site, evaluation of ongoing business so it’s not interrupted, and determining safety and solution meets your business operational concerns. We begin with the removal of existing T12 lamps, magnetic ballasts, and/or HID fixtures and typically replacing them with T8 / T5 lamps, electronic ballasts, and high bay replacement fixtures. The project results in a positive increase in efficiencies and lighting quality.
Energy savings are immediate and have an impact on your business with a significant environmental impact. New lighting will put you in compliance of governmental regulations, as old T12 and HID technologies are being phased out and materials no longer accessible.
T12 retrofits as an example, can benefit from LED retrofit and exterior lighting retrofits as well as wall packs and can lighting. We can work with you to determine exactly where your company can benefit most from an upgrade.

What are the benefits of a lighting upgrade?

  • Lighting and energy savings of 25-75%
  • Significant reduction in labor & material costs due to fewer service calls
  • Strong manufacturer warranty on lamps and ballasts to help reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • Government Rebates & EPA Tax Deduction opportunities
  • Improved brightness and increased lighting quality & consistency

How can m2easy make your lighting retrofit project easier?

  • Site surveys with detailed lighting assessment of your facilities
  • Material options that are the right fit for your location
  • Site surveys lighting systems inspection and basement
  • Implementation strategy and scheduling
  • Efficient, effective project execution that minimizes business interruption
  • Proper recycling & disposal services
  • To learn more about our lighting retrofit solutions and our wide range of electrical services, contact us today.

Lighting Repairs & Retrofits

m2easy Lighting Repairs & Retrofits is a premier company that offers an extensive range of services dedicated to transforming and enhancing lighting systems for commercial spaces. Our comprehensive suite of expert solutions includes conducting a meticulous and complete lighting audit at your location, allowing us to gather detailed findings about the current lighting setup. Armed with this information, m2easy provides customized lighting retrofit solutions that upgrade the overall aesthetic appeal and significantly reduce energy consumption, resulting in substantial cost savings for businesses.

Furthermore, our highly skilled team seamlessly coordinates all aspects of the project – from labor, materials, and equipment procurement to field support – ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation process. What sets m2easy apart is its commitment to catering specifically to your budgetary requirements and timelines without compromising quality or performance.

In line with the dedication towards sustainability, we responsibly handle lamp and ballast recycling operations, adhering strictly to EPA regulations. With m2easy by your side, you can expect unparalleled expertise that maximizes efficiency while minimizing costs throughout every step of transforming your lighting system into an environmentally friendly powerhouse worthy of admiration.

Lighting Contractors

m2easy is a prominent comprehensive lighting repair and retrofit services provider. With our commitment to excellence, we prioritize customer satisfaction by offering expert solutions. Our services encompass conducting a thorough lighting audit at your location, yielding detailed findings that serve as the foundation for further improvements. By carefully analyzing every aspect, m2easy helps clients achieve optimal energy savings through innovative lighting retrofit solutions tailored to individual needs. We understand the importance of efficiency in project management and take charge of coordinating labor, materials, equipment, and field support seamlessly. This ensures smooth operations while adhering strictly to targeted budgets and timelines set by their valued customers.

Moreover, m2easy goes above and beyond in promoting sustainability by diligently recycling all lamps and ballasts according to EPA Regulations. This demonstrates the unwavering commitment towards environmental responsibility while reducing waste impact on landfills.

In summary, m2easy Lighting Repairs & Retrofits services provide end-to-end solutions for lighting concerns. From meticulous audits generating insightful results to customized retrofits designed for maximum energy savings—rest assured that m2easy has covered you throughout the process. Furthermore, the rigorous compliance and EPA regulations highlight our dedication to sustainable practices through proper disposal methods for all lamps and ballasts involved in their projects.