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Dark Store Management and Retail Store Decommissioning

Dark Store Management and Retail Store Decommissioning

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the business community with many businesses caught between suspending operations or closing altogether.

Whichever choice is made, you need to keep your property in shape – through dark store management – or return it to pre-occupancy conditions, through decommissioning.

Both these options require hiring contractors trained in retail facility maintenance.

Investing in Dark Store Management

Dark store management is a critical part of maintaining your store’s state during a temporary shutdown.

During the closure, a well-maintained business tells everyone things will return to normal soon and the business will re-open at its first convenience. To this end, business owners and commercial property managers need to hire a professional with retail facilities maintenance solutions.

Tips for Dark Property Management

It is important to care for your property even if you don’t know when or if you will re-open. If your property remains properly maintained while dark, it will make re-opening much easier.

Here are some things you can do while your property is dark:

  • Make repairs that have been put off: With nobody in the building, there is no better time to start those repairs that you’ve needed to put off.
  • Maintain curb appeal: Just because your business is closed for now doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look its best. Repaint if you need to, or give attention to the parking lot – your business should maintain the appearance that it will re-open tomorrow.
  • Hire a professional for routine maintenance: Hiring a retail maintenance professional will prevent minor problems from turning into major ones.

3 Steps for Decommissioning Property

Retail store decommissioning takes place when a business must be discontinued. This process has three important steps, and a retail facility professional must be hired for the undertaking.

1. Timely Retail Store Decommissioning

One of the most important reasons to decommission your business is to prevent having to pay holdover rent if the lease expires. Holdover rent can be prohibitively expensive if the business has been out of operation for some time.

2. Decommissioning Retail Space to its Original Condition

Decommissioning not only includes disassembly and removal of all fixtures but also repairs for walls, tile, and roof, plus HVAC service.

3. Planning for Decommissioning

Decommissioning requires planning and strategy for everything from the floor to the ceiling. It is necessary to prepare for the removal of electrical, plumbing, and mechanical equipment.

M2Easy is the Right Choice for Retail Facility Maintenance

M2Easy in Des Plaines, IL has been serving the NW suburbs of Chicago for over 15 years. They are experts in retail facilities maintenance solutions and can perform all of your decommissioning and dark store management needs.

If you are planning on decommissioning your business or need dark store management, please contact M2Easy and let us get started today.

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