How much does it cost to hire a licensed electrician?

M2Easy’s licensed electricians have a proven track record for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling and project safety. We have industry experience that gives us a competitive advantage over others in our field when it comes to upgrading or replacing electical panels, lighting fixtures, wiring, switches, install a ceiling fan, smoke detectors, LED, doorbells, exterior lights, motion sensors, security cameras, ballast replacement, fixtures and many other electrical repairs, upgrades and installations.


Job costs will vary depending on the complexity. The most common factor that often contributes to the job cost is access. How difficult will it be to run wires? Will we need to cut into the wall?

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Need Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures Installed?

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Review by Paresh T.

Project: Upgrade an Electrical Panel or Wiring

Comments: I got in touch with Bill to get electrical issues assessed and fixed. Here are reasons for my positive experience with M2Easy and why I would recommend them: – (1) Punctuality (2) Flexibility (3) Resourcefulness (4) Cost (and savings): Labor cost is typical for the area. Savings came from Bill fixing the old ceiling fan by tightening a few screws and eliminating the parts/labor required to replace it. It’s refreshing to see someone do only what is *absolutely* necessary! I would definitely go back to this company for future needs.

Review by Anne W. in Park Ridge, IL

Project: Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures

Comments: Bill and his staff went above and beyond in helping me get many chores done. They were prompt, clean, good communicators, efficient and thorough.

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The Importance of a Good Relationship with Your Handyman

One and done. You may have heard this from your contractor, carpenter, or others who do work on your building. It is a common phrase that means getting things done as quickly and as cheaply as possible and moving on. Forming a relationship with the people who maintain your facility takes work and maintenance itself. It requires a give and take from both sides. When that relationship is established, there is less stress for your handyman and better service for you. They will maintain the place like it is their own. Your facility staying well maintained keeps your business intact and your customers happy.

Difficult Spaces

There are many places within your facility that are difficult to get to for repairs. Above the ceiling, under the floor, behind pipes, behind cabinets and toilets, and under sinks are just a few of these places. A carpenter may have to plug a hole and then come back to repaint the area. A plumber may have to repair a leaky pipe in one of these difficult spaces and then come back with a new part to completely fix the problem. Many maintenance businesses may not have the time or the resources to comply with these issues quickly and efficiently. When you build a good relationship with your maintenance company, getting around the problems of time and resources can become easy.

Complete Communication

Do an assessment of your facility. If you see any of these difficult spaces, take note of them and the issues that may arise during potential repairs. Communicate this assessment to your maintenance people. When they know about these things before taking on your account, it makes for less surprises and a happy handy man. Be up front with the people that will be helping you maintain your business. Their happiness yields their compliance, which you need in order to keep your customers happy. It’s a symbiotic cycle and this complete communication doesn’t take very much extra work on your part.


You may encounter a maintenance company that doesn’t want to share complete communication with you or that doesn’t want to work with you on your difficult spaces. There are a few ways to deal with situation and keep it professional:

  • Be polite and stay composed. It is important in situations like this and most of all don’t panic. That approach will not help your situation.
  • Provide options for alternatives. For instance, if your maintenance company does not have the resources to get you certain parts, you can find the parts for them if they agree to install them.
  • Take your time and talk it out thoroughly. Discuss and negotiate until the issues are resolved on both sides instead of just yours or theirs. You may have to make concessions but that’s alright if you’re happy with them. The same goes for your maintenance company. Be honest about what you want.
  • If your maintenance company cannot come to an agreement with you, find someone else. Don’t make concessions that will make you unhappy and regret your decision. Find a company that you can communicate with, compromise with, and build a good relationship with. 
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Commercial Property Maintenance

Care for Your Retail Space and Increase Traffic

Nothing says that you run a quality business better than a well-maintained facility, clean bathrooms, clean ceilings, and a brightly lit space. Chances are that you purchased quality materials when you first built your business. By the time something wears out or breaks, the replacement may no longer be available. In this day and age, everything seems to become obsolete very quickly. You put some tiles in your ceiling that you’re sure are beautiful and durable but one day a tile gets stained from an unknown roof leak. It seems like a trivial problem. Soon the wear takes its toll and that crack becomes a break. The tile falls and shatters. Now, you have shards of tile and a hole in your ceiling. This can be avoided by proper and frequent maintenance and up keep of your facility!

Save Yourself

You budget for replacements but you can’t budget for the way that your vendors will change. It’s likely that you won’t get constant updates from these companies telling you that the materials and fixtures that you used in your building are no longer available, especially if they are long lasting and you don’t encounter the need for replacement for several years. Save yourself the time, energy, grief, and expenses of this situation by performing regular maintenance checks on your facility. You can find and have repaired a small crack in the tile, a squeaky hinge, or a leaky pipe before it becomes a problem that causes you to replace the item.

Disappearing Venders

Obsolete materials are nothing compared to your vendors going out of business. If you used a custom architect and/or contractor to create your vision, there’s always the chance that they will go out of business before you need to replace something. Maintaining your facility helps prevent the problems that arise if/when this happens. The better you maintain, the longer every part of your facility will last.

The Consequences of Poor Maintenance

The importance of proper maintenance is clear, but what happens when you don’t comply? If the parts that you use become obsolete or your vendors go out of business, you’ll be faced with the problem of having to completely overhaul your entire facility. Take the instance of the stained ceiling tile. You have a hole in your ceiling that needs to be repaired and the tiles that you use are no longer available. In order to avoid having one tile that looks different than the rest, you’ll have to replace every one of them. If you’d had the stained tile replaced when it first happened, you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing the entire ceiling before you’re ready. If you’re faced with a big renovation that you can’t afford, you’ll either go into severe debt or have a lot of broken fixtures and cracked or stained ceiling tiles that make your facility look horrible. Your customers won’t want to come back and you won’t be able to make the money that you need to fix everything. Proper maintenance prevents all of this frustration.

Does your retail/commercial property need maintenance? 
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Spring is right around the corner. Call M2Easy for handyman repairs.

Household RepairsReplace doors, windows, locks, hinges, handles, door closures, dead bolts, re glazing existing windows, cleaning out window wells and installing sealed well covers, making sure the doors close properly as it should after the house has settled, replacing and or repairing screens, installing child safety devices, easy close roller glides and cabinet latching devices, adding storage solutions in a tight space. Whatever your situation we can provide a cost effective solution to fit your needs.

Painting: Nothing freshens up a room more than a new coat of paint, but the key to great paint job is in selecting the proper materials the appropriate tools this with an understanding of the application to meet your life style. With our expertise in color selection and design assistance we can certainly help you create a look and feel that is sure to impress. No paint job is ever complete without a clean work space leaving the space clean and neat should never be left out of a successful transformation.

Flooring & Tile Installation: Whether it’s under your feet or on the wall, a solid surface is built to last with solid construction and preparation. Understanding the situation and areas of use tells us a lot about a solid surface that meets your application. Most people and contractors will install the tile, fill the grout and that’s it. But few take the final step and seal it to make sure your investment is protected for years to come. With design and installation expertise we can help install and protect the heart of any room.

Pressure Wash: Cleaning your gutters, window shutters, garage, fence, deck and driveway is critical to keep your home looking fresh and revived after a long fall/winter. Ounce staining from brown leaves and air born contaminates take hold to the grain of your home it becomes more difficult to remove ounce the sun bakes them into the porous of the materials. Even though the task of power washing seems as easy as a Tim the tool time project the key is to understand the type of structure and the age of its components such as the roof, windows, porch, solid or soft foundations to make sure the proper pressure is applied without causing more issues than when you started the project. Not to mention power washing can be a messy business.

Need Help Finding a Local Handyman? Trust M2Easy to Make the Job Easy.

A few months ago, we wrote a blog on “How to Find Great Facility Maintenance & Home Repair Experts in the Chicago Area“. In case you missed it, click the link and give it a read.

Now that it’s 2014 with spring just a few months away…it’s almost time to finalize your contractor choice and start preparing for project scheduling and necessary purchases.

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M2Easy offers professional handyman services, affordable building maintenance, licensed electrical repair and wiring, installation, fixing, removing/replacing of old & new appliances.

Headquartered in Des Plaines, M2Easy also services the following NW suburb communities:

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Facility Maintenance Chicago

With so many handymen currently operating in the Chicago area, finding the most suitable professional for your unique project is a challenging, time-consuming mission. All of them speak very highly about their own services, so how could you possibly identify the right facility maintenance and home repair specialists who have what it takes to live up to your expectations?

Here are a few tips on how to discover truly skilled, qualified, licensed experts who can complete any type of maintenance assignment in record time, providing more than satisfactory results.

a) Opt for a company with a proven track record

Any property owner or manager would want to rest at ease, knowing that the company hired to complete a certain maintenance project is 100% reliable and ready to face the challenge. Are you worried that you might stumble across scammers or poorly trained workers making you waste a lot of time and money? Eliminate this concern, by simply going in favor of a complaint-free company.

In 2012, M2Easy received the Complaint Free Award, from the Better Business Bureau. Every single year, this prestigious award goes to top-rated companies with zero complaints from clients, well-liked for their outstanding services and customer support.

b) Always ask for a custom quote

You should know that there are hundreds of so-called professionals operating in this line of work, who won’t hesitate to overcharge you, while providing low-quality maintenance services. Minimize risks by asking for an up-front estimate. The handymen employed by M2Easy are at your disposal 24/7, ready and willing to listen to your problems, discuss your options and give you a no-obligation custom quote, ultimately enabling you to make an informed decision.

c) A 1-year written guarantee

Are you tired of dealing with unprofessional workers who simply cash your checks and vanish into thin air, without offering you a long-term solution to your problem? Follow a different approach and ask for solid guarantees.

Despite the fact that most projects completed by M2Easy do not require additional touch-ups, your trusted team of handymen hired by this reputable company won’t hesitate to put a 1-year guarantee on workmanship on the table, proving once more that their 100% flawless services are implemented to keep you satisfied for a long period of time.

Profit from Excellent Condo Maintenance Services!

Profit from Excellent Condo Maintenance Services Ensured by Reputable Home Repair Specialists

Numerous property managers and busy condo owners are looking forward to hiring a great team of professionals, specialized in high-quality condo maintenance services. In most cases, prompt, affordable repair and remodeling work can protect and even increase the end value of a condo, while allowing the owner to save a great deal of time and money in the process. What should you expect from home repair specialists who are eager to get involved in your project?

Professional services tailored to your needs and specifications

When it comes to addressing your condo maintenance needs, the best handymen that you should rely on are those who provide a wide range of services and still have what it takes to come up with a personalized solution, according to the nature of your problem. Maintenance Made Easy (M2Easy) brings you the very best:

a)      Preventive maintenance services: A team of specialists could easily help you discover and even anticipate numerous problems potentially impacting the comfort, welfare and safety of your residents in a time and cost-effective manner. A great maintenance plan will always include essential services, such as dryer vent cleaning, siding repairs, power washing, seasonal maintenance, deck repairs, gutter cleaning and more.

b)      Professional construction/reconstruction services: Do you think that your multi-residence property might need a series of improvements, delivered by a team of well-trained, licensed handymen? An excellent provider of first-hand condo maintenance solutions will always bring you great construction and reconstruction services (decks, bathroom remodeling, re-siding, countertops, fences, roofs) implemented to boost the value of your property and help you protect your investment in the long term. Choose to do business with the team of specialists hired by Maintenance Made Easy (M2Easy) and make the most of significant savings and great remodeling ideas.

Flawless customer support and a client-oriented approach

Apart from 5-star condo maintenance work, you also need to profit from friendly assistance and excellent client service around the clock. Your trusted handymen, employed by M2Easy, should be your long-term collaborators, giving you unlimited access to personalized condo maintenance plans and working closely to trigger your absolute satisfaction, in any given set of circumstances.

Count on the Best Retail Maintenance Services to Save Time and Money

Company owners who strive to save time and money, while focusing on the core of their businesses, acknowledge the importance of premium retail management services, tailored to their needs, demands and financial possibilities.

M2Easy provides a wide range of high-quality restoration and repair solutions for national retailers, clubs, hotels, contractors, office buildings and various other facilities, ensured by a team of skilled technicians delivering the best results on time and on a strict budget.

Why is M2Easy the best provider of quality, affordable retail maintenance services in the Chicago area?

Professional services when you need them the most

With M2Easy, the right answers to some of your most pressing problems (plumbing, electrical, molding, carpentry, painting, flooring and roofing issues) are just one phone call away. Rest at ease, knowing that some of the most serious remodeling and repair challenges that you could ever encounter can easily be addressed by experienced handymen, specialized in first-class retail maintenance services.

No matter how big or small, how simple or complex your project might be, M2Easy has the skills, the tools, the know-how and the expertise to complete it to your complete satisfaction. M2Easy is your trusted ally, committed to solving your emergency crises it in a timely manner, without making you break the bank to support a much-needed series of repairs and/or improvements.

Significant financial savings

Let’s face it: all business owners are looking for flawless retail maintenance services, enabling them to save big in the long term, without making any quality compromises. M2Easy is your one-stop source of high-quality maintenance services, designed and implemented to address a long list of problems, while considerably increasing the value of your property.

The best thing is that the team of competent, well-trained handymen employed by M2Easy offers you all these benefits and more, without burning deep holes in your pockets. Our main goal is to provide over-the-top services which come along with a much-appreciated low price guarantee.

Expert guidance plus a friendly approach

Have you ever wondered what makes M2Easy the perfect candidate for all your retail maintenance assignments? The well-trained, 100% dependable handymen from M2Easy have what it takes to address and even anticipate all your needs in a timely manner. They spare no efforts to provide outstanding solutions tailored to the nature of your problem, while also bringing you cost-free expert guidance and friendly assistance around the clock.